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Photo Narrative, Workshop for Organisations

By Claudia Adeath


                                                                              I believe:

"The event is not what's happening. The event is what can be said."

Allen Feldman 



The aim of this workshop is that the participants learn to take advantage of their organizations’ often large and forgotten photo archives.


In the last few years, most organizations have taken hundreds of digital photos of their events, projects, work ambient, etc. Unfortunately, most of the photos are not used even though many of them are of good quality. Partly because of lack of time and perhaps also because many have not the knowledge to convert these photo archives into concise, integrated stories that help them to show visually the most important moments in the organization, its main objectives, the processes of important projects, how services are developed, etc.


This workshop will teach you to take advantage of your photo archives to improve your organization's visual image: It provides you with the tools to make irresistible, visual narratives of your activities and helps you to enhance your written narrative with a complementary visual narrative; a huge advantage for fundraising, conferences, websites, brochures, newsletters, etc.


The Photo Narrative workshop is directed to those who are in charge of the communication activities in your organisation in general.

It takes a week (3 hours every day during 5 days) where we will study how to archive and select photos, and learn how to edit and retouch them in Photoshop, to finally create a high-quality Photo Narrative that tells your audience the story you want them to know.



Requirements:  Computer  /  Photoshop program  /  Photo files

Participants:  Up to 5

Time:  15 hours

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