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PhotoTracK is an agency specialized in creating Photo-narratives, as well as editing, organizing, and maintaining digital photographic archives in an integrated, easily accessible Photo-platform.

In our digital age, we have often saturated our disks and digital platforms with photographs; photos we have decided to save in our archives and yet they are hardly ever used. However, these images can be the key to create a powerful visual history of your organisation, company, or department, or to put emphasis on the processes behind your project or product. That way you can highlight the values of your organisation, projects, or services by simply telling the story you want us to know with your shelved photos.

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You can furthermore combine the photo-narratives with a photo-platform, where you and members in your team easily can access and find the edited images conceptually organized according to your needs for promotions, presentations, or social media strategies, etc. It will save you time an effort while strengthening your possibilities to show visually what you want most people to appreciate.


Claudia Adeath started PhotoTrack in 2015 to due to her own need for documenting the processes and results of her projects. She had then collected lots of photos (her own and from colleagues) but had seldom time to make a sharp photo-presentation in sync with the stories she wanted to tell when applying for funds, making exhibitions, or participating in conferences.  

Knowing this was not only her problem she began also to create and organize other people’s and companies’ visual narratives. They provided her with access to their photo-archives, and she put them through a selection and editing process (conceptual and technical) according to the needs of her clients. In time this focus on visual narratives grew to become her main motivation when documenting events, offering workshops, curating exhibitions, and taking portraits.

In 2019 Elvia Chaparro joined Photo-Track. She is also a photographer but had during the years specialized in organising, editing and creating photo platforms of her clients, offering as a final result an Editorial Archive.


Looking at the possibilities to expand their horizons in the photo-editing world they concur to work together in this exciting adventure into the image world.

Welcome to talk about your Photo narrative, your Photo platform and your Edited archive.

Claudia & Elvia

I have trained my eye to identify the value of the ideas that each moment projects me as an image.

While I take a photo I think the story I want to tell, from the first take to the editorial archive, I prioritize the quality of the image and the narrative of the archives by ordering and naming them in their folders.

This practice allowed me to think about different services that I could offer by analyzing the sequence of events, connecting them and solving an easily accessible platform. 

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