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Photo Narrative

PhotoTrack works with your existing images in your archive and can be commissioned to produce new images to enforce a more powerful photographic narrative. Our aim is to help you show off the great work and values that best represent who you are and what you do.





How we do it:


1. First, we will carefully listen to you to fully understand your purpose, priorities, targets and needs.


2. Then we will review all your existing images and determine if they can be used to create the visual story that meets your needs.


3. We will work with you to develop the photographic narrative from them. In case some images are lacking to finish the visual story, we will upon your approbation take the missing photos.


4. You will receive a comprehensive edited photographic narrative where your values, products or services will compellingly reflect your vision.



Our Photo Narrative products:


1. Slideshow/Powerpoint /PDF presentations.

2. Web and social media-based photo stories.

3. Brochures and Catalogues.

4. Photo albums and portfolios

5. Anything that involves creating a visual story!

Here you can see an example of the photo narrative's creation process, the difference between before and after we have edited all archive images according to a customer's desired narrative.

Over 400 photographs from WWViews


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