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Intimate Cosmography
This series of photographic images reveals intimate moments in the lives of nine women crosscutting four generations in a single Mexican family called Las Romeros. The nine women are marked by the label “Made in Tepito”, Mexico City, a label loaded with connotations of anarchy, degeneracy and social marginalization with its delinquency. These facts push the women to make their living as traders in the margins of an informal economy. They subsist within this violent and corrupt context where the men are largely absent due to death, infidelity, migration and incarceration. With few options available to them, the women anchor themselves firmly to their destiny as head of family.
La Matanza
Each year the Murillo family meets in La Serena the 5th of December in one of the marginal zones of southern Extremadura in Spain. The patriarch Nino Murillo celebrates his birthday this day, which is also the day for the traditional pig-slaughter “La Matanza".
This day brings back to life the rooms of the farm that during the year remain empty in the middle of the rocky landscape. The fireplaces are lit up, water is heated in large pots, and the power generator is started. It is a celebration day for all the family and friends, except for the acorn fed pig.
Cirkus today

The circus is much more than a line of dance and art. The circus has as much to do with courage, cooperation and communication, as with breaking down barriers and barriers.

                               Tatiana Panik

Blow to self- esteem

Blows to Self-esteem is a portrait essay of middle age immigrant women that have been living in Denmark for at least eight years.

The essence of this work is to give voice to these women, to tell how it feels when the repeating encounters within the professional life are hitting hard. My intention is to show through the portraits these feelings when the cultural clashes also hit their self-esteem hard.

I asked the women to answer me 4 specific questions, not with words but with their body, their face, theirs expressions. 

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