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Photo Platform

We in PhotoTrack can revise, organize, and edit your digital photographic archives, selecting and classifying the images according to their visual quality and your narrative discourse. We create hereby for you your own unique Photo-Platform.

​A Photo-Platform is a digital tool easy to handle. It is a sky-based platform, where you can share your best and most telling images.


PhotoTrack has the experience to design systematic such platform, classifying, editing, and organizing your photos in structured folders according to the criteria you work within your organization and/or project (themes, places, histories, sequences, events, etc.). 

The advantage is that you with such platform easily can share your best photos between you. It creates a common knowledge in your organization about existing quality photos and provides quick access to edited images ready for use.


Having your own Photo-Platform you save time and the quality of your reports, presentations, brochures, applications, websites, and publications on social networks increase.​

How we work:​

1. We listen to the main messages of your organization and/or projects to appreciate in-depth your ideas, visions, values, and ways of working.

2. We collect and evaluate the number of existing folders and photographs you have.

3. We propose a photo-platform (structural organization of your images) and discuss it with you.

4. We select the best photos and edit them in Photoshop according to the agreed principles.

5. We set up the platform in a digital sky (Dropbox, One Drive, etc.) and connect your team to it.

6. On request, we also maintain the platform by having a photo drop-in-box on the platform, where you can continuously upload your photos, while we select, edit, and organize them.

Final Product:

A photographic platform chronologically classified, by project, activities and/or narrative sequence.


Clean and edited files that you can share with your team in Dropbox, Photodrive or within your corporate platform.

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